Paul Bell

Hi! I’m Paul. I’m one of that strange breed of people called “songwriters”. I like to make people laugh, think, cry, and maybe look at things a bit differently. I find that music helps.

I live near Nottingham and play gigs all around the UK. My fourth album is out now, and it’s a goodun’. It’s available here or on iTunes.

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Tents at the ready!

Just taking a quick pause from packing up the car ready for a camping adventure to let you know about some gigs over the summer.

I’ll be at New Wine United for the whole of Week one (beginning on 26th July). I’ll be in the Tearfund Cafe each night after the main meeting, playing some songs and introducing some other great acts including Andy Kind and Daughters of Davis. So if you’re at New Wine, come on down!

From there, it’s on to CreationFest on the Royal Cornwall Showground in Wadebridge. I play a show on the Monday about teatime. Would be great to see you if you’re in the South West.

Then a couple of weeks later I have some gigs at The One Event. There’ll be a full band show, and a couple of solo gigs after the evening meetings. Always a fun weekend.

Then the summer finishes off at KingsStock festival in Cambridgeshire. A great way to finish off the summer.

Then there’ll be more gigs in the autumn, (with more to be added soon).

Lastly, worth standing by your Radios this coming Sunday (27th July) – I’m told there may be another play for “In Our Hands” on BBC Radio 2 in the “Good Morning Sunday” programme.

That’s all for now – have a great summer, people!

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It's June already!

This year seems to be carrying on at a relentless pace, with the date advancing one day each day. Time flies when you’re having fun. I’m a big fan of June, because it’s my birthday soon!

Before I go on, there are some gigs coming up – some fun to be had. Come on down! I’m booking some more gigs in the autumn – do get in touch if you’d like one!

Now is also a good time to check out my music in the online store – the whole back catalogue is currently “name your price” so it’s a great time to get some music for whatever you can afford. Download, listen, tell your friends.

I’m spending some time over the next few months, writing and thinking about what’s next. When I know what’s next, I’ll be sure to let you know. Meantime, I have some songs to sing, some new people to sing them too. Sounds good!

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