Paul Bell

Hi! I’m Paul. I’m one of that strange breed of people called “songwriters”. I like to make people laugh, think, cry, and maybe look at things a bit differently. I find that music helps.

I live near Nottingham and play gigs all around the UK. My fourth album is out now, and it’s a goodun’. It’s available here or on iTunes.

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Happy New Year

Hope you’ve had a great time over Christmas and the New Year. I am certainly looking forward to working my way through 3 Toblerones. Should be good!

A great start to the year already with more airplay on BBC Radio 2 for my song “In our Hands”. And putting plans together for new music and gigs over the coming months. I’ll keep you posted. Make sure you’re subscribed to the Mailing List or follow me on Twitter for the latest news.


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Autumn Update

I’ve once again become rather lax in updating my website… apologies everyone. The last few months have seen many gigs, including the 75th and last of this year. Thanks to everyone who has hosted, listened, applauded and bought/downloaded the music. It means a lot.

Special thanks to Mlendo for having me along to some really lovely shows in October. What fun!

Thoughts now turn to 2015, new songs, new adventures.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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Featured Video

Here's a video for the song "No Love Lost"