Paul Bell

Hi! I’m Paul. I’m one of that strange breed of people called “songwriters”. I like to make people laugh, think, cry, and maybe look at things a bit differently. I find that music helps.

I live near Nottingham and play gigs all around the UK. My fourth album is out now, and it’s a goodun’. It’s available here or on iTunes.

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Christmas is coming...

Hello friends… I’ve been busy working on some new music - my first in 3 years. For three days in October, I headed to a studio on the south coast with producers Dan and Matt Weeks and we recorded some Christmas songs. I think you’re gonna like them.

A couple of tracks are recordings of songs I wrote last year for Christmas, and are a lighthearted reflections on the Christmas season. They discuss the ineffectiveness of men when it comes to organising Christmas, and the relative merits of the Bounty and the Snickers in Celebrations.

Then I wrote two songs for the festive season with a little more reflection on the mystery of the incarnation, reflecting on the words to old carols, and the Christmas story itself.

We finished the project off with our take on “Joy to the World”. These songs took shape as I sat at the piano for a change, and I’m really excited by how they sound.

The album releases at the end of November, but pre-orders are available now. Follow on Twitter and Facebook and I’ll be sharing more info and teasers over the next couple of weeks.

I also have a number of concerts in November and December and I’m looking forward to sharing the new songs then, as well as some old and festive favourites.

Pre-order here: http://paulbellmusic.bigcartel.com/

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The sun sets on another festival season...

Hello friends. It’s been too long since I updated this site, so this is just a quick update on what I’ve been up to.

It’s been a massive privilege to play some festivals over the last few months. My first Big Church Day Out, first time at Keswick Unconventional, as well as Focus and Rivercamp. All brilliant, and met some lovely folks.

Return visits to New Wine, Spring Harvest and One Event (the Christmas special!) equally lovely.

My first time playing and singing abroad too - thanks to Le Pas Opton in France - a really special place. We’ll be back I’m sure.

New songs have started to sneak into the set as well, so I’m excited for what’s next.

What is next? Well… some solo shows over the autumn, more writing, some family time. All good.

Until next time…

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