Here are some quotes about me and my music:

Paul, thanks for your music – we love it. Keep it coming.

Dean Jackson, Beat on the Beeb.

If you have never heard Paul then I urge you to check him out, he is a really wonderful talent and deserves to be heard more. Paul knows how to use words like the best poets do, and while they might not have written songs about Calpol, they would certainly have written about stuff that was important at the time. What Paul does in his songs is writes about love, life and everything else he feels he can put together as an elegant masterpiece – and we love him for it.

Louder than the music (Full review)

Warm, gentle, thoughtful acoustic songs … exquisite lyricism and compelling guitar-based style … this is an outstanding album.

Cross Rhythms (Full review)

… witty and knowing without being smug … surely Radio 2 would love this … a James Taylor feel (Full review)

I had a listen to a couple of tracks … and I liked them so much I bought his album, so this guy is so far the only person to benefit financially in any way from this podcast.

Obviously a very talented musician, and kind of warmly witty in a sort of Neil Hannon-ish kind of way, and I can imagine some kind of crossover success for Paul in due course – remember where you heard him first, folks.

Mitch Benn, speaking on his podcast (Mitch’s website)