Booking information

I’m available for all kinds of gigs – festivals, cafes, churches, pubs, house concerts are all places I enjoy playing.

Most of the gigs I do are just me and a guitar or two, so it needn’t be too expensive. If you’re planning a bigger event, I can bring my band with me, which is always great fun, although it does cost a little more.

I have an excellent PA system which I’m more than happy to bring with me.

If you’re interested in booking me, do get in touch and I can let you have all the information you need.

House concerts

House concerts get a special mention – these type of evenings are becoming more and more popular with audiences and artists. If you think you can get 10 or more friends together, willing to give a suggested donation of around £10 each (much cheaper than many ‘proper’ gigs) then I’d love to come to your home and play some songs. The more intimate atmosphere makes it possible to chat with the audience and have more interaction. You could even provide a bit of food. Each one is unique.

You don’t need lots of space. Like the sound of it? Get in touch. Let’s do it!